ReWorKs is a social enterprise and community interest company. With a concept of zero waste, its social purpose is to reduce textiles’ landfill by sustainably re-purposing and upcycling surplus textiles into vintage and mainstream fashion products.


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OMG - this is totally what is in my head, only expressed more eloquently 🙊

It's so easy to get overwhelmed by ALL the things, and to feel like you can't do enough/anything.

We really can.
Do what you can do.
It matters.💪

Congratulations @StudyNY on the establishment of your Resource Library - a needed resource for designers and brands looking to source more sustainably and not knowing where to start! https://t.co/AXu6V0k7Xw

"Innovation will provide the solutions. But the main point is connecting knowledge, also from outside the industry. It’s about partnerships." - Roberto Canevari, Chief Supply Chain Officer at @Burberry during the circular fashion panel discussion at #CPHFS19.

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