ReWorKs is a social enterprise and community interest company. With a concept of zero waste, its social purpose is to reduce textiles’ landfill by sustainably re-purposing and upcycling surplus textiles into vintage and mainstream fashion products.


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Just asked PM if she'll meet inspiring climate activist @GretaThunberg in Parliament in 2 weeks' time.

Greta has met the Pope, spoken at Davos & received Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

Seems PM still needs a bit more persuading.

RT if you think she should meet. #strike4climate

The estate where neighbours began to ‘vanish.’ Be careful what you wish for in building more new homes! This isn’t sustainable when we have loads of empty well built Victorian or older homes. https://t.co/jP9BqwuC0H

Install microplastic filters on new washing machines as standard - Petitions / no brainer vs leave or remain !! https://t.co/ZhN1tfOjk0

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