ReWorKs CIC wins 3 Year ERDF Contract

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Can you or your network benefit?

ReWorKs under an umbrella London Mayor’s Office bid has secured a 3 Year ERDF award (European Regional Development Fund).

Our ERDF project is under the priority axis 3 call / SME Competitiveness – Inspiring Enterprise & Growth Project for Entrepreneurs.

Specifically ReWorKs CIC is tasked with mentoring 20 new / start up entrepreneurs per annum in the Business of Sustainable Fashion.

The new entrepreneurs receive support & mentoring in all or some of the garment pathways steps from design concept validation through to buyer negotiation tactics.
 Applicants must be (any) London borough residents with the right to work in the UK. They will receive dedicated support and in work experience. Students are welcome to apply. Please share our homepage / email with contacts you recommend.
How it works?
1. You sign up as a new entrepreneur or SME
For forms see:
2. On receipt of the forms we arrange to meet for a brief business diagnostic
3. We agree a road map to get you where you need to be
4. We review and analyse your journey
5. We aim to complete each candidates journey within 3 months where possible.
The scheme is free to you – No cost. However, you do have to complete the necessary forms in order for the targeted outcomes to be assessed.
Erdf works on a time banking basis. In exchange for your guidance & mentoring you complete a work experience placement – working on sustainable fashion projects.
The advice is tailored to your business idea. In some case you may need to formulate your business plan – In others maybe you need help with access to markets/ buyers or help with negotiation skills.
ReWorKs can provide this & more whilst also enabling access to other parties within our network to help realise your ideas.
Provision of our funding match will require a continuation / growth of our existing activities;
* Vintage & Upcycled Apparel Sales (Ecommerce & Probably Direct Retail)
* Surplus / Deadstock Sourcing
* Textile Recycling & Upcycling Initiatives